Meet the mission

New technology has democratized both music production and music distribution. Anybody with a laptop or mobile phone can record a song, distribute it to millions of fans, and collect royalties.

But despite these developments, building an actual profitable music career is still a struggle for many artists. The major record labels, music publishers, and talent agencies still function as gatekeepers for artists—potentially keeping out countless artists who have incredible talent but not the industry connections.

Neocrym is a company building technology to serve two missions:

  1. finding high-potential undiscovered artists.
  2. helping artists produce and market their next release.

Meet the CEO

James Mishra learned to code when he was eight years old. He ran through the first half of a Computer Science degree while still in high school. James then dropped out of school to do research internships at NASA, the National Security Agency, and the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

James later joined Uber as their then-second-youngest software engineer, where he worked on the prototype version of UberHEALTH--a non-emergency medical transportation service. James later left Uber to cofound a startup applying machine learning to customer support tickets.

James' past experience in solving hard technical problems gave him the insights needed to start Neocrym--a company using artificial intelligence to find and promote the world's best musicians.

You can follow James on LinkedIn, Twitter, or his music industry newsletter Click Track.

Read about us

Our cultural values describe how we work.

Our technology blog describes some of the technology that we have built.

Our open source page describes the open source software that we make freely available to anybody.

Our careers page describes who we are looking to hire.

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