What we do

Neocrym is a music licensing business.

  1. We train machine learning models that estimate the production quality of a song from its raw audio.
  2. We crawl the Internet, looking for undiscovered artists whose songs are highly-rated by our models.
  3. When we find an artist we like, we offer to purchase the copyrights to one of their songs.
  4. We sell licenses for those songs to people who want to use them in podcasts, videos, ads, video games, television shows, films, and other projects.

Our guiding principles

  1. We discover undiscovered artists. Some of the world's most talented artists have not made a single dollar from their music. We at Neocrym want to bring these artists the money that they deserve.
  2. We offer simple terms for licensees. Our music licenses do not come with any requirements to pay royalties--not even public performance royalties.

Meet the founder

An image of James Mishra (right) hugging his adorable baby brother (left).

James Mishra is the founder and CEO of Neocrym. He has spent much of his career working with audio, machine learning, computer security, and distributed systems. Before he dove into the startup world, James used to do software engineering at Uber and several US Government agencies.

James is passionate about the music industry--specifically about the problem of finding extraordinary musicians and getting them the compensation they deserve. For the past several years, James has published long-form essays for Click Track--analyzing how technology will change the music industry.

You can send James an email at james.mishra@neocrym.com. You can follow James on LinkedIn, Twitter, or his personal website.