This extremely short document is a public draft summarizing various internal documents. This document is not an exhaustive review of ethics--not could it ever be--and it may change significantly before ratified.
This document is an addendum to our Trust page, which describes our most important ethical rules for working with artists.

We are not a talent agency. We do not "procure employment" for artists.

Talent agents (and agencies) make money by "procuring employment" for artists--such as by booking concerts--in exchange for a fixed commission. Many jurisdictions--such as New York and California--require talent agencies to obtain licenses and follow strict regulations.

Neocrym purchases copyrights from artists, but we do not procure employment for artists (or anybody)--even when we are not prevented by law from procuring work.

We do not give legal or accounting advice to anybody.

There are various cases where we at Neocrym may give our informal thoughts on a legal issue, whether we are speaking directly to an artist or writing a Click Track post for everybody to read. However, such content is never meant to be actual legal advice. We do not offer legal advice, practice law, or create any type of attorney-client relationship.

Similarly, at Neocrym, we do our own accounting to make sure that tax authorities and our vendors--including artists--have been paid the appropriate amount. However, as much as we would like do, we do not help artists track down money owed to them by other parties. Artists in such a position should seek the help of an accountant and/or an entertainment attorney.