This extremely short document is a public draft summarizing various internal documents. This document is not an exhaustive review of ethics--not could it ever be--and it may change significantly before ratified.

At Neocrym, we have developed a large number of ethical rules that we enforce upon ourselves. We have compiled those rules into the Ethics Code described on this page.

The highlights

We NEVER ask artists to pay us in exchange for consideration.

Many scammers will pretend to be a record label A&R executive in order to defraud artists. Typically, the scammer promises a nonexistent record deal--but instead tricks the artist into paying for fraudulent expenses.

Only scammers charge artists. Neocrym will never ask for payment from an artist in exchange for editorial or A&R consideration.

However, we may charge money for other products, such as:

  • licenses to music in our catalog.
  • publications we write--such as books or paid newsletters.
  • ticketed events that we host.
  • software tools or services.

However, the above business models do not change our A&R direction with artists:

  1. Artists will always be able to pitch us without ever paying for anything we sell.
  2. Artists cannot improve their standing with us by spending money.

(Note that the above principles do not apply to compensation that Neocrym is legally or contractually owed. For example, if someone infringes on our copyrights, we would seek the same license fee whether or not they had previously pitched us.)

We will ONLY email you from a neocrym.com address.

Many scammers will pretend to be an A&R representative at a music company like Neocrym or Sony Music Entertainment. These scammers typically contact you from a personal email address (e.g. gmail.com, hotmail.com) instead of a business email address (e.g. neocrym.com, sonymusic.com).

To make it harder for a scammer to impersonate Neocrym, it is an Ethics Code violation for any Neocrym employee to send work-related emails with a personal email account.

If you are contacted over social media by someone claiming to work for Neocrym, you can ask them to verify their identity by sending you an email from their neocrym.com account. If they are a scammer, they won't have a neocrym.com account.

We NEVER refer artists to attorneys, accountants, talent agents, or artist managers.

When an artist is negotiating a record deal, they typically hire an entertainment attorney to represent their interests. Sometimes the artist picks an attorney recommended by the record label that they're negotiating against.

But you can never trust an attorney who was recommended by the opposite side of the negotiating table. In the past, such attorneys have unethically tilted the negotiation in the label's favor.

To avoid such ethical problems, we never refer any artist to a professional whose job is to negotiate against us--such as an attorney, accountant, talent agent, or artist manager.

The details

Our Ethics Code is fleshed out in these sub-pages:
Our communities and open source projects are governed by:
How to contact Neocrym about various issues:
  • Security. how to report an engineering security issue to us.
  • Intellectual Property (IP). how to submit an intellectual property (copyright, trademark, patent, etc.) claim against Neocrym.

How to report issues

Please contact ethics@neocrym.com if you see:

  1. a Neocrym employee violate any principle in this Ethics Code.
  2. an open source contributor or community member violating our Community Code of Conduct in a Neocrym-moderated space.
  3. anybody who is impersonating Neocrym.

Alternatively, you can send us an end-to-end encrypted email via ProtonMail.