We love contributing to open source. This page shows off some of our larger projects. You can find our smaller projects at github.com/neocrym. All of our software is released under the MIT license. You can use it for free in any way that you want.

We also post writeups on the design and engineering of our open source projects at tech.neocrym.com.

Babycat is a library for decoding and manipulating audio files

Babycat is a Rust library to help with the decoding and manipulation of many audio files at once. Babycat also has bindings for C, Python, and WebAssembly.

Documentation babycat.io
Repository github.com/babycat-io/babycat
Releases (Rust) crates.io/crates/babycat
Releases (Python) pypi.org/project/babycat
Releases (JavaScript/WebAssembly) npmjs.com/package/babycat

Provose is the easiest way to manage your Amazon Web Services infrastructure

Provose is a Terraform module that provides a high-level API for deploying containers, databases, and networked filesystems on AWS.

Documentation scalarstop.com
Repository github.com/scalarstop/scalarstop
Releases pypi.org/project/scalarstop

ScalarStop keeps track of your machine learning experiments.

ScalarStop is a Python library that helps keep track of datasets, models, hyperparameters, and training metrics. Currently, ScalarStop only supports TensorFlow.

Documentation provose.com
Repository github.com/provose/provose