This page shows off Neocrym's open source software projects. Anybody can use our work for free.

We publish essays about our open source projects at tech.neocrym.com.

Our open source projects


A library for manipulating many audio files at once
Language Rust library, with bindings for C, Python, and WebAssembly
Documentation babycat.io
Source Code github.com/babycat-io/babycat
Releases (Rust) crates.io/crates/babycat
Installer (Rust) cargo install babycat
Releases (Python) pypi.org/project/babycat
Installer (Python) pip3 install babycat
Releases (WebAssembly) npmjs.com/package/babycat
Installer (WebAssembly) npm install babycat


The easiest way to deploy to Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Language HashiCorp Terraform module
Documentation provose.com
Source Code github.com/provose/provose


A framework for reproducible AI research
Language Python / TensorFlow 2 library
Documentation scalarstop.com
Source Code github.com/scalarstop/scalarstop
Releases pypi.org/project/scalarstop
Installer pip3 install scalarstop


A declarative self-signed Certificate Authority (CA)
Language HashiCorp Terraform module
Source Code github.com/neocrym/tfca


A Docker-in-Docker image with Ubuntu and systemd
Language Dockerfile
Source Code github.com/neocrym/dind
Releases hub.docker.com/r/neocrym/dind
Installer docker pull neocrym/dind


A CLI to print the current LLVM target triple
Language Rust command-line program
Source Code github.com/neocrym/default-target
Releases crates.io/crates/default-target
Installer cargo install default-target


Specifies Celery app configuration with environment variables
Language Python library
Source Code github.com/neocrym/new-celery-config
Releases pypi.org/project/new-celery-config
Installer pip3 install new-celery-config


A thread-local, context-preserving Python logger
Language Python library
Source Code github.com/neocrym/log-with-context
Releases pypi.org/project/log-with-context
Installer pip3 install log-with-context


Concurrency tools for Python
Language Python library
Documentation ori.tech.neocrym.com
Source Code github.com/neocrym/ori
Releases pypi.org/project/ori
Installer pip3 install ori