The music industry is filled with scammers trying to sell fraudulent or nonexistent services to independent artists. Often, the scammers do this by pretending to represent an existing record label like Neocrym.

Here are some facts you should know:

Be careful about scammers pretending to represent Neocrym.

It is a common technique of music industry scammers to claim to represent a major label, and then to charge for A&R consideration, promotion, or expenses to (nonexistent) label meetings.

If someone from Neocrym is contacting you via email, it will only be from a email account. If you are contacted by anybody falsely claiming to be affiliated with Neocrym, forward this communication to

We will only email you from an email address.

There are many scammers pretending to represent a major record label, but they are sending email from a Gmail account as opposed to the label's corporate email domain. You should always consider this to be a red flag.

If someone claiming to be from Neocrym contacts you over social media, you can ask them to prove their affiliation with Neocrym by sending you an email from their email account.

We will never ask for or accept payment from artists for A&R consideration or promotion.

To make things clear, we will never charge prospective artists for:

  • meetings with us
  • travel expenses
  • editorial or A&R consideration
  • online courses or "mentorship"
  • promotion via our playlists, publications, social media accounts, or ad campaigns
  • plays on music streaming sites or followers on social networks

If anybody claims to represent Neocrym and asks you for money, please contact

However, we may charge money for:

  • publications we write, such as books or paid newsletters
  • events we host
  • software or software-as-a-service that we design and deploy

These are not our core businesses. We intend to keep prices for any such products low, and any revenue from them is incidental to our core business. We aim to earn money from more traditional recording, publishing, distribution, or management contracts, but such agreements will never come with an upfront cash cost to the artist.

We will never accept payment for posts under an employee's byline.

Neocrym runs several publications, including the Neocrym blog, the music business publication Click Track, and the pop culture publication Dark Shift, along with associated accounts on various social media sites.

Other brands may pay to place advertisements or sponsored posts on our publications, but all such placements are marked and branded as coming from outside Neocrym in accordance with guidelines from the US Federal Trade Commission. In general, the decision to place ads is made separately from our editorial direction.

This rule excludes affiliate links from Amazon Associates and similar programs. We may receive money from affiliate links in content under employee bylines. However, these links are disclosed at the beginning of every such article, and affiliate links do not guide our editorial direction. For more information, our affiliate link policy can be found here.