At Neocrym, we think it is important for you to know who we are and what we stand for. We have published our cultural values so that everybody can hold us to them.

You can also read more about who we are on our About page.

Our values


Artists are the lifeblood of the music industry, yet is rare for a music business to act in the best interest of artists. At Neocrym, we expect everybody that we do business with to be aligned with our goals to put artists in a position of power. Without a reputation for being artist-first, we won't get to help make the culturally-defining music of the future.


In the short term, it is possible to make money in the music business purely from hustle, clout, and treachery. But in the long term, technological progress can drive old-school music businesses to extinction. The entire music industry is shaped by technology, and we want to be the ones doing the shaping.


We don't like the historical ethics and business practices of the music businesses that came before us. We don't follow the conventional music industry wisdom. We stand out by trying new ideas, taking big risks, and holding ourselves to a higher moral standard.


Within the company, we strive for every individual to have work-life balance and time to decompress. But as a whole, we want to be known as a team that never stops working for our artists. We seamlessly hand over tasks among each other to make sure that work never slips through the cracks and artists are never kept waiting.

How we work

These are some of our specific strategies that we use to build our values.

We build fancy tools for artists.

To build the future of the music industry, it is not enough to pick artists, fund them, and then market them. For us to build the future, we need to change the way artists create their life's work. We need to give them creative powers that they never had before. For thousands of years, there must have been artists who could imagine creating an album as powerful as My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, but it could not happen until technology and finance advanced to the point of making it possible.

We are transparent, especially when it is uncomfortable.

We are never afraid to tell people what we think. We are never afraid to admit our own mistakes, or when progress has been slow. We are responsible for keeping others' secrets in confidence, but we ourselves have nothing to hide.

We fire every bullet in the magazine.

(...and the one in the chamber, if we have it...)

We work on difficult problems, and as a result, it is rare that we succeed on the first attempt. However, we never let that dissuade us. Instead, we keep trying until we are out of resources and the options. It takes years to build an enduring institution, and we won't stop halfway.