This is a standard Code of Conduct that applies to all Neocrym-run open source projects and communities--whether online or offline.


If you wish to contribute code, documentation, audio, graphics, or other IP to Neocrym, we ask that you agree to the Contributor Licensing Agreement.

Acceptable conduct

If you want to collaborate with us, you must behave in a professional manner.

Examples of UNACCEPTABLE conduct include (but are not limited to):

  • Inappropriate sexual behavior. This includes sexual language, imagery, or advances that use Neocrym-owned resources or communication channels.
  • Discriminatory language or behavior. Do not speak or act in a manner that implies discrimination as forbidden by the EEOC in the United States.
  • Doxxing. Publishing--or threatening to publish– another's private or identifying information without their explicit information.
  • Personal insults or attacks. You may criticize someone's work in person, but do not insult them as a person.
  • Brigading. The organization or incitement of a large number of people to overwhelm community moderation.
  • Incitement. Do not encourage anybody else to break this Code of Conduct.


We have the right to enforce the Code of Conduct as we see fit on our own properties. This includes banning contributors or rejecting/deleting contributions.

Reporting an incident

To report an issue, send a private email to